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Lipomodelling of the breast, or Fat grafting of the breast, Lipofilling of the breast, fat transfer or adipose tissue graft is a surgical technique that enables the transfer of excessive fat (generally present in women around areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks) into the breast in order to reshape both the breast and the silhouette.

This technique is nowadays largely applied both in reconstructive as well as in aesthetic surgery of the breast.

The use of fat as a means to correct a flaw (mainly a loss of substance) dates back to 1895. It is the American, Dr Coleman, who refines the concept of fat injection and applies it to facial rejuvenation.   

In 1998, Dr Delay, a French surgeon, decides to target this concept towards breast surgery. Over the course of several years, he develops and consolidates the technique of fat transfer to the breasts. Dr Delay is Chief of the Plastic Surgery Service at Centre Leon Berard in Lyon, and it is here, as well as at the Clinique Charcot that he coordinates the studies regarding the transfer of adipose tissue. Up until the present day the work of Dr Delay is faithfully applied to breast reconstruction and remodelling within these clinics.

This technique, be it used for reconstructive or aesthetic purposes, is nowadays recognised by the entire scientific community and is well standardised.

Become Philosophers’ Stone of plastic surgery, as it enables women, through one single procedure, to transform their excessive fat in breast volume, either for augmentation purposes of for the restoration of a damaged or distorted breast. This represents the most important scientific advancement in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast over the course of the last 20 years. As the technique is safe, enduring and its results are outstanding.   

Up until now, papers and communications on fat transfer have been targeted mainly towards a scientific public restricted to national and international congresses, books, articles and courses delivered by Dr Delay and his team. Given the fact that the technique is becoming increasingly widespread, access to accurate and scientifically validated information, supported by clinical experience is undeniably necessary.

Thus, this website has been created in order to:

  • Enable the diffusion to the general public of high quality medical information regarding fat grafting to the breasts
  • Allow and assist other plastic surgeons in the discovery and application of this scientific development